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John Zambricki is a New Jersey born 20 something singer-songwriter now based in Nashville. His stock in trade is lovelorn folk-pop songs of hope, dreams and might have beens. Obviously he's operating in a crowded market, but he's already got a useful break in being chosen to play a cameo role performing a song in 'Paper Heart', a Sundance award winning documentary about people searching for modern romance. The song ('Airport Goodbye') tells of the impossibly of turning back the clock in a relationship - reflecting if I knew then what I know now. In a similar 'what if' vein, the EP kicks off with a love song of sorts about a girl who he's never met but who he's seen in a photograph stretching on a yoga mat. He imagines meeting and wondering if she'll think he's just a weirdo stalker. It's all about plucking up courage instead of living in a state of self delusion and features the great lines:
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