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Last Fall, Sutro released their third EP, Temptress: Remixed. An eclectic crew of DJs and producers delivered a host of delicious mixes, from thick as molasses down-tempo, to nasty, sweaty dance floor grinds. From the SF Bay Area, Frost-RAVEN produces a tweaky, borderline dubstep mix, while J. Rogers' innovative “Altitude Dub,” touches equally on Dubstep, 2-Step, and Minimal Techno. SNAX, an American born, German based artist, brought his heavy funk production style to the “SNAX Basement Remix.“ Sutro’s Tyler Stone creates the ultimate chill atmosphere with her “Forbidden Fruit Mix”, and as an encore, Stone digs into her dance roots and produces an intricate nu-jazz, broken-beat meets deep-house “suck-it-to-ya’-mix”. Temptress: Remixed is available for download worldwide from DECOY Recordings (INgrooves).
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