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Weather Pending is a San Francisco trio that makes music with a subtle electronic groove that brings together jazz, pop, rock, dub reggae, hip hop, and world music. The band creates smoky late night grooves with a deep romantic resonance highlighted by Janie Oliver’s honey and gunpowder vocals, the dark, swooping tones of producer Rob Cross’s electric bass and the shimmering overtones of Brian Bloi's lush electric and acoustic guitar. On their debut recording, And How!, they’re joined by guest drummers Max MacVeety and Derek G. Taylor who give the music a sense of swing much electronic music lacks. The resulting music is hard to categorize. Call it sultry songs with a cinematic, one drop, hip hop flavor if you like, pop music for grown ups with a cosmopolitan vibe that’s both unique and strangely familiar, with exceptional warmth and a quiet intensity all its own.
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