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…These are the words of those that have had a chance to hear and witness the sound that for the past several years has been reverberating out of Texas from one of American music’s most compelling bands, Cadillac Sky. Their chosen instrumentation that imitates that of Bill Monroe’s classic bands belies the depth of sound that these five young men create and becomes simply the canvass that they paint from. Their music draws inspiration from many diverse wells of creativity and artistry. But somehow they manage to create a sound that is completely Cadillac Sky: one that rejects the straitjacket of labeling and instead looks to make transcendent music and to ultimately to paint its masterpiece. The five sincere young men of Cadillac Sky recognize that there are few things that have not been said musically over the past 500 years of creativity and are of the belief that they’re only chance in becoming special is in the sharing of their own personal experiences and perspective whether they are of the rest of the world’s momentary opinion or not; musical or otherwise.
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