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"One of the country's most formidable roots-rock bands." That's the assessment of critic Peter Cooper of Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper about Last Train Home. And while roots-rock is the heart of LTH's sound, don't overlook the country, swing, bluegrass, blues, folk, mariachi, punk, pop, and Tin Pan Alley influences you'll find if you lend this band an ear. What began as a part-time band in Washington D.C. back in 1997 has evolved an acclaimed full-time touring unit based out of Nashville. In 2005, LTH performed on the CBS "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," and on the public radio show, "Mountain Stage,” and was named by the Tennessean as one of the finest live acts of the year: "Best Live Show of 2005: Tie between Neil Young at the Ryman and Last Train Home at the Family Wash."
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