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In the winter of 1997, in the dark hallways of GMU, budding singer/songwriter Keith Center approached music composition major Jeremy Rodgers. Tipped off that Rodgers played bass, Center asked if he might be interested in forming a band. Rodgers, whose passion for music was evident from the bands he was already in, quickly responded with a resounding no... Since then, practically every member of the group initially refused to join. But just like Rodgers, after hearing the Dreamscapes Project brand of folk rock for the first time, they quickly changed their minds. Maybe it was the disarming intimacy of the lyrics, or the music's balancing act between the simple and complex. Perhaps it was just potential; a potential that required just a few key ingredients. After several changes in the lineup, one of those ingredients was discovered in the form of cellist Ben Guy in 2001. Within the dark, haunting overtones of Guy's cello, the Project found direction and gained momentum. Since that point, TDP has gone on to win an average of at least one award, accolade, or contest every year of its existence.
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