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Abigail and Lily Chapin are known for pristine harmonies and haunting melodies. Though they have gained comparisons to sister acts of old, they have also deviated from that comparison “more like a distaff Lennon/McCartney than a traditional sibling act...” (Steve Horowitz, Popmatters). Their songs defy genre, melding elements of pop, blues and psychedelic rock with hints of apalacian banjo riffs, echoing percussion and modal harmonies. Their first full-length record Lake Bottom LP was produced by Thom Monahan (Lily’s, Devendra Bandhart, Vetiver) and Mike Daily (Whiskeytown, Grace Potter). The record was critically acclaimed and named one of LA Weekly’s Top Ten Records of 2008. Their sophomore full-length recording, “Two,” adds lush keyboards, pulsing rhythms, electric guitars, and bare accoustic tones to layers of vocals that range from deep and gutteral to watery and ethereal. The songs were recorded in the woods in rural New Jersey, and the sounds of crickets and tree-frogs creep in at the beginning of “Digging a Hole” (a video for this song was directed by LA artist/videographer Aran Mann). The landscape is hinted at throughout the album; “new tracks like I Can Feel, Paradise, and Sweet Light are pastoral yet eerie, as the duo’s searing voices echo through the woods like melancholic ghosts.” (”Falling” James Moreland - LA Weekly). The album was self-produced along with fellow musicians, Jesse Lee (Gang Gang Dance) and Louie Stephens (Rooney) and mixed by 5th band-member, Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks, Street N’ Babe Shadow, Fiction Company) who also produced the duo’s latest EP, “Oh, Hear The Wind Blow” (released in summer 2010). TWO was released in the US & Canada in September 2010 and will come out in the UK and Europe May 9th via their own label, Lake Bottom Records.
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