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Inveterate storyteller Paul Thorn credits his gift of gab to being the son of a Pentecostal preacher. "You get to know how to get along with almost everybody. You just have to sit down and start getting to know one another." Thorn has a lot about himself to tell. One would expect to hear great stories from a guy who boxed Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran on national television, made chairs for a living, skydives for fun, had his first singing gig at age three, and who happens to be one of the South's finest songwriters. Paul Thorn doesn't disappoint. Thorn started down his music path when he was not long out of diapers. "As a child, I sang in churches. My first paying gig was at a revival with my father when everybody came around and put money in my tambourine. After the service, there was a little girl, also about three years old, who I had a crush on. I stuffed the money I got all down in my pockets. After the service we sat around the back of the church and I bought her a Coke with the money I'd earned. That was my first paying gig, and I guess my first date."
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