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Scott Kurt wears many hats. Singer, songwriter, guitar player, and frontman for his hard charging Country band Memphis 59. "I love playing different roles in my music," says Kurt. "Some nights it's great to walk onstage with nothing but my acoustic guitar and voice to entertain an audience. But there are also nights when I plug in my Telecaster to a cranked up Vox amp - and when the band is playing at full throttle, there is no bigger rush." Currently in the studio, Scott is hard at work writing and recording songs for the follow-up to 2010's "Ragged But Right," produced and engineered by Grammy winners John Jennings and Bob Dawson. "As I evolve as a songwriter, I am digging deeper into the lyrics and melodies. The first record was a great experience, but I didn't have as much of a lyrical focus on some songs. This time around it's about striking a chord with listeners that resonates and evokes emotion." Resonating with audiences is something that Scott and his band members, Nate Taylor and Mike "Toby" Toburen, have come to do well. "The first time we opened for The Randy Rogers Band, not only was it a sold out show, but their latest album had just become the most downloaded country album on iTunes. I was nervous about meeting the expectations of their fans, but within the first few notes of our opening song, they rushed to the front of the stage and cheered throughout our whole set. I knew then that we were on to something special." While Scott and his band were pleasing crowds along the Mid-Atlantic, they also caught the attention of local industry insiders by earning three award nominations from the Washington Area Music Association.
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