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Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," this Greensboro, NC six-piece can only be described in terms of what has already been defined, for there is no way to narrow them into any perfect genre. Mixing euphonium with banjo, and acoustic guitar with drums, keys, and electric bass, Holy Ghost Tent Revival is an eclectic mix of so many things -- dirty jazz, ragtime, roots country/bluegrass, big band and rock and roll -- that can make you feel as much at home in the backwoods of a 1920's paradise as in the feverish throb of a heartfelt crowd in modern-day New York City. Love, simplicity, and honesty inform their writing. They sing about uncertainty, love lost, and the consequences of stupid passion, but this is not all they know. They know the source of their hope and creativity flows from their sincere love for and conviction to be a part of the lives of those who follow their music. These young men guarantee honesty in the hopes that you may think of their words when joys or troubles involve themselves in your life, but most importantly, they wish to extend their gratitude for all of your kind words and support as they continue to grow in their mission to bring a compelling new sound to those in need of just that.
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