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When Bud and Laine Snyder started their young kids in classical music lessons, they didn't expect to find them on stage other than a recital here and there. Now music is a big part of life for this North Carolina family as Samantha, age eleven, and Zeb, age fourteen, have excelled in their individual instruments and the art of entertaining. As the two youngsters began to perform more often as a duo, their music interest turned toward Bluegrass. While Samantha plays fiddle and Zeb the guitar, there seemed to be something missing. So, Dad was surprised by an upright bass on his birthday and it was only a matter of time before Bud would join them on stage. The Snyder's show includes instrumentals as well as vocal numbers by Samantha and Zeb, with Mom, Laine, joining in occasionally to add three part harmony. Now the family enjoys evenings "circled around" the living room working on upcoming performances and simply making music together. They all look forward to the time when little brother, Owen, now four years old, will make his musical contribution to the Snyder Family Band.
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