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For Bobbie Allen, home is where the stereo is. While growing up in a military family, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has never had roots that grew deep enough to call anywhere “home,” except when she listened to music. “I realized I wanted to sing when I got my first Carpenters tape,” said Allen, who is based in the District. “Karen Carpenters voice was liberating and inspiring. It sounded like what I imagine flying to be like for birds: A release.” Allen describes her journey in to music as serendipitous but destined. While constantly moving homes to accommodate her family’s duties, Allen always kept her tape deck playing, and sang to herself in the backseat of the car. All those road trips in the car created a sound that has been described as Cat Power fused with Norah Jones. Despite her lifelong love of singing, she had never seriously considered a music career until after graduating college from Virginia Tech with an English degree. “I realized that life isn’t about waiting around for things to happen to you,” said Allen, “I know it sounds cheesy but I have never felt more comfortable than with a guitar in my hands and singing.
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