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On his new album, Fairfax Avenue, Roy Jay has found his groove, a gritty and bluesy groove that's simultaneously easy-going and laid back, perfectly reflecting the life of the man within. It's an album of self-assured focus, where Roy moves past various influences to become the artist he's always wanted to be. Where Roy's debut, Lucky Guy, had a softer acoustic feel, earning comparisons to Jimmy Buffett and Bob Dylan, Fairfax Avenue features a harder edged and driving sound that's perfect as a springboard for jamming, but is mercifully free of jam band noodling. Produced by Chris Seefried (Roseanne Cash, Quincy Jones, Fitz and Tantrums), Roy is clearly pleased with the results. He says, "Fairfax Avenue is much more the real me. My first album, Lucky Guy, felt like it had sort of a split personality." The split personality continued as Roy, based in Florida, was conceiving how to follow up Lucky Guy. Roy's extensive acoustic based touring with artists such as the Gabe Dixon Band, Jay Nash, Tony Lucca, and Tyrone Wells had Roy considering what he wanted his sound to be, and led him to consider delaying the follow up. "I had just come off touring extensively," he recalls. "I wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted to go in musically - I was going to put recording the album on hold." But a trip to L.A. and a visit with his friend and fellow musician Tony Lucca set Roy on the right path. Roy remembers, "Tony was really simple and straight with me. He said that the only kind of music I can make is the music that reflects my life. So that's what we did."
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