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Graham Wood Drout's IKO-IKO "A must see!"- Rock and Roll Road Trip, Rolling Stone Magazine -In 2008 Graham Wood Drout and IKO IKO celebrated their 25th Anniversary. Twenty five years, thousands of shows, four critically aclaimed CD's, three vans, a who's who of distingushed alumni and a reputation for making really good music. The San Diego Tribune describes IKO IKO as "An eclectic mix of southern musical traditions." The Chicago Tribune describes IKO's sound as a " low down gators-and-gumbo hybred of rock, blues and R&B..." Blues, Mardi Gras , Gulf Coast Americana, Dylan, Rock and Roll music with a Bo Diddley beat and the award winning song craft of Graham Wood Drout. Graham's songs have been a favorite of AAA radio and the satalite stations. His tunes have been covered by IBC Blues winner Joey Gilmore (who credits Graham's "Ghosts of Mississippi" for putting him over the top) and Blues Leaf Records guitar slinger Albert Castiglia who scored a hit with the fabulous Mr. D's "Big Toe." Craig Rusky of Delta Snake Magazine says, "As a songwriter Drout is a powerful master." Ed Ivy of Blues Revue Magazine says, "This songwriting is on the order of Gordon Lightfoot or Jim Croce, full of soul- filling ideas that flow out of the writer's pen and into the heart of the listener. It takes emotional depth to confront the issues Drout takes on and the result is breath taking. Drout appears to be incapable of writing"oh, baby"- style bluescliches: he stakes a claim on a much higher ground. Great...and emotionally complete..." Patrick O'Donnell of Blues On Stage writes, "Graham is an artist in every sense of the word." And South Florida's New Times Magazine voted Graham Wood Drout Best Songwriter. Graham Wood Drout was born in Newark, New Jersey, raised in Houston, Texas, graduated High School in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and settled in Miami, Florida. Along with his music and writing, Graham is also a fine artist and has had a number of one man shows in some of Miami"s top art galleries. His last show was at the DeLux Art's Gallery for Art Basil. Graham has a BFA in Fine Art from Florida International University. IKO-IKO Graham Wood Drout: Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion. Good Rockin' Johnny Wenzel: Guitar, slide guitar Mitch Mestel: Bass, vocals Daniel East: Drums, percussion, vocals Ron Taylor: piano. organ, keyboards
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