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  Black Cat  

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Click to edit the profile for Black Cat 1811 14th Street NW, Washington, DC, US, 20009 Email: Send an email
Phone: Web: http://www.blackcatdc.com/

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The Black Cat has been bringing you the best in live independent music since it opened in the fall of 1993. In the early ‘90s, DC suffered from a lack of good concert venues, especially spaces that catered to the area’s underground music scene. Hoping to revive the tradition of independent music in Washington, a group of investors (most of them musicians) opened the Black Cat in September 1993. Among the first bands to play were the Fall, Rancid, Morphine, Stereolab, Slant 6 and 9353. Since opening its doors, the Black Cat has been a home for local and national talent, thereby playing its own part in the explosion of indie rock that marked the last decade.