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The music of the Galen Kipar Project was born out of a passion for the exploration of sound and composition. Within the woven eclectic sounds of the instrumentation, we are introduced to a poetic imagery that is present in each of the Project's songs. The roots of folk, blues, classical, jazz and world beat are echoed within the overall chemistry of the Project's music. In addition to the band's three core members, the GKP frequently features the talent of guest musicians who compliment the band's sound with such elements as female vocals, double bass, cello, violin, mandolin, tuba, trumpet, piano and B3 organ. With such additions lending to the Project's creativity and flexibility, these contributions unquestionably add depth and texture enhancing the musical experience. Throughout its evolution, the music of the Galen Kipar Project has matured to a sound that is undeniably original.
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