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One of the select group of American "roots" musicians to appear in the Coen brothers' movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? (which was among other things a paean to Southern music), Ed Snodderly likes music with particularly deep roots. Some of the most respected musicians in contemporary music, as well as several music critics who survey the American music scene, agree that Snodderly's musical vision--expressed through songwriting and through persuasive performances of his own and of traditional songs--is distinctively Appalachian. Dobroist Jerry Douglas, characterizing Snodderly as being like a painter of regional landscapes, has asserted that "Snodderly's imagery comes through the words he uses to describe the world his songs live in. And his time period is not the one we exist in. He writes as though he lived ages ago, in a simpler time set with straight-ahead values. He also possesses the tools to perform the songs in a very convincing manner. He's carving himself a niche for his own genre of Appalachian music." Music journalist Allana Nash has acknowledged that "Snodderly's songs are evocative and original," while writer Robert K. Oermann has commented, "I know of no other songwriter that writes with such a strong sense of place."
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