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Rarely is a voice heard that is not just unforgettable, but it is undeniable. A voice filled with emotion and compassion that not only comes from a melody or a great lyric, but from the heart. A voice that draws you in with trepidation and makes you laugh at the shear elation of hearing it. And when you do hear that voice, you realize that God has placed a precious gift in someone’s life. From the very first time you heard Marty Raybon, as the lead singer of the award winning country music group Shenandoah, singing “Mama Knows”, “Ghost In This House”, “Two Dozen Roses”, “Church On Cumberland Road”, and “Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart” you knew he was one of those gifted vocalists. He can take a lyric and put heartbreak into the melody like no other singer before him.
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