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O.A.R.'s Wind-up Records debut album, King, marks a new beginning for the band, while also paying homage to their past. It is the seventh studio effort in a career that began with their high school recording, The Wanderer. Bringing back the title character from their first album, O.A.R. takes the listener on a journey to discover that what the Wanderer, and the band members themselves, had been searching for all along, was there from the beginning. As the closing song on the new disc states, a return "Back to One." King is O.A.R.'s follow-up to their 2008 studio album All Sides, which debuted at #13 on the Billboard Top 200 and #3 on the Digital Album chart. The album provided many firsts for the band including their first Certified Platinum single "Shattered," which in 2009 was the #6 best-selling Rock Song at iTunes and earned them an ASCAP Award as one of the Most Performed Pop Songs of the Year. With All Sides, the band's cumulative album sales reached close to 2 million and they received the honor of being on Performing Songwriter's list of the 100 Most Influential Independent Artists of the Past 15 Years. The release was the culmination of years of hard work creating music, traveling the country and performing for their legions of fans. "This record really tells the story of our journey," adds guitarist Richard On. "It has led us back to what inspired us to write songs in the first place - the story of The Wanderer. However, this time, we had the added benefit of experience which made us better musicians and songwriters." "Even though there were many ups and downs during the making of this album, we ended up with what we had all hoped for--an album where the individual pieces work together and tell a broader story," notes Marc. For O.A.R., the most difficult of times is about to give way to the best of times.

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