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Darrell Scott is a powerful musical spirit. A Grammy-nominated artist, an award-winning songwriter, and a first-call session musician, living and working (literally and figuratively) on the fringes of Nashville’s Music Row, Scott occupies his own unique half-acre in this city’s crowded musical landscape. In a town that’s got pigeonholing down to an art, Darrell Scott stands out as a refreshingly mischievous artist. The Invisible Man, Scott’s sixth release, finds the artist at the peak of his powers, drawing from a rich well of influence and experience to create his most fully realized work to date. From the album’s opening lyric, “In the early morning hours, just before you’re wide awake,” to its closing title, “In My Final Hour,” The Invisible Man traces a thematic arc between waking and sleeping, living and dying, shining a brilliant light on the fleeting moments between.
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